Peru Information

Political Regime:

Democratic President, Mr Ollanta Humala, is the current president until the year 2016.


There are some problems of theft, especially in large cities.


The climate in Peru is quite varied especially in Cusco. We can enjoy a varied microclimate in each city or town during your visit. To see the current weather forecast go to: Link


Spanish, Quechua, Aymará.

Peru is one of the best countries to learn Spanish and definitely Quechua. For this reason, Cusco has many Spanish schools; contact us for more information.

Entering the country:

An up to date passport is required. With regard to visas, it is better to consult information available in your own country before you travel to Peru.

Recommended vaccinations:

It is recommended to be vaccinated against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, Tifoideas, Hepatitis A. If you are going to visit the Amazon you need the vaccine against yellow fever, malaria. There are few risks except for long treks in the jungle exposed to the climate and mosqitoes.


Peru is the country of the gold and silver, with affordable prices. The arts and crafts are beautiful and relatively inexpensive (alpaca, leather, tapestries, etc.)


Peru has a rich and varied cuisine. We have el ceviche, la Pachamanca, el adobo, el seco de cabrito, de res; papa a la huancaína, el ají de gallina, and much more. We invite you to do a gastronomy tour. Contact us for more information.

When to visit:

By the kindness of the climate, Peru can be visited from March to November since the days are warm but the nights are cold. For this reason there are few visitors during the months of January and February which are the rainy season. February is desirable for those who like to enjoy folklore, as the city of Puno in February exposes its diversity of beautiful traditional dances. Come and visit Puno and Lake Titicaca.